In every corner of the world, security concerns are at the forefront of the political agenda. With the ever-present threat of man-made disasters, crime, disorder, instability, cyber-risks and terrorism there remains a pressing need to provide agencies and governments with the people who have the necessary skills and understanding to anticipate, address and mitigate such threats.

The Global Institute of Cyber, Intelligence & Security (GICIS) in partnership with a range of subject matter experts and awarding bodies aims to provide the required training and education to meet these knowledge and skills requirements.


Rapid socio-economic and political change coupled with increasingly sophisticated and pervasive risks caused by the changing nature of crime, cyber-insecurity, terrorism and instability pose significant challenges to societies and governments alike. With this challenging complexity has come a growing need for specialists within these areas. That is the reason as to why GICIS was founded to prepare you for the multi-faceted challenges posed by the current risks we all face. GICIS aims to teach you to better understand the issues and solutions within these key areas.


Government and industry have traditionally been solely responsible for the provision of training for their staff. Through the creation of GICIS individual organisations, students and professionals are now provided with the means by which to access the highest quality of education and training in the fields of Intelligence, Cyber and Security.

Our short courses are aimed at professionals seeking to update or expand their knowledge and expertise in key areas as well as individuals from other backgrounds who are seeking to benefit from such knowledge and practice.

GICIS is initially offering a suite of short courses which will cover the following disciplines and in time a range of accredited and award bearing programmes: