Securing Your Future

Rapid socio-economic and political change coupled with increasingly sophisticated and pervasive risks caused by the changing nature of crime, cyber-insecurity, terrorism and instability pose significant challenges to societies and governments alike. With this challenging complexity has come a growing need for specialists within these areas. That is the reason as to why GICIS was founded - to prepare you for the multi-faceted challenges posed by the current risks we all face. GICIS aims to teach you to better understand the issues and solutions within these key areas.

Theoretical & Practical

GICIS is committed to providing you with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in both your studies and work. The translation of theory into practice sits at the heart of our short course programme as well as award bearing degrees.

A Secure Choice

The application of knowledge and skills to address risks and uncertainties requires a comprehensive understanding of the individual, community, corporate and governmental challenges and contexts. The programmes and courses offered by GICIS have been specifically designed, and will be delivered by, subject matter experts who have engaged such risks and understand both the challenges as well as the application of the solutions. Your choice is a secure one, studying with GICIS will assist your personal and professional development, as well as your commitment to making a positive difference. GICIS is a member of Global University Systems (GUS) an international network of higher-education institutions, brought together by a shared passion for accessible, industry-relevant qualifications.