The following short courses are aimed at professionals seeking to update or expand their knowledge and expertise in key areas as well as individuals from other backgrounds who are seeking to benefit from such knowledge and practice.


The need to plan and prepare for the unexpected and predictable is an imperative for us all. Learning about the many negative impacts of man-made and natural events and how to respond and recover effectively from them sits at the heart of the courses we offer.


For any society to function effectively it should be safe from the many negative impacts of crime and disorder. The courses we offer will assist law enforcement and other students to better understand and address the many challenges of policing, for example from preparing the next generation of strategic police leaders to managing covert and terrorist operations.

Cyber Security

One of the most pressing contemporary requirements is to educate and train individuals to be able to secure communications networks. The courses we offer will provide individuals and organisations with the knowledge and practice to help close the 'skills gap' in cyber-security.

Military & Security

The primary role of any government is to secure its borders and protect its citizens. Likewise effective organisations create a safe and secure environment for its staff and customers. The courses we offer will prepare students for the demands faced when ‘defending the realm’ to ‘corporate security’.