One of the most pressing contemporary requirements is to educate and train individuals to be able to secure communications networks. The courses we offer will provide individuals and organisations with the knowledge and practice to help close the 'skills gap' in cyber-security.

Cyber Security Executive Training

In recent years, nearly everyone, from private corporations to government agencies, and individuals, have become increasingly aware of issues related to cybersecurity. This may be due to the need to prevent fraud or identity theft, to protect national security, or to ensure that important networks that manage critical infrastructure continue to function. Global University Systems and Global CONNECT, a unit of the University of California San Diego have partnered to offer an immersive, bespoke training program to provide participants with insights into current best practices in cybersecurity.

Digital Leaders

This course is aimed at leaders who wish to explore their understanding of the Digital World. It will include three core areas of Cybercrime, Cybersecurity and Social Media.

The course will be highly interactive. In addition to presentations the Course participants will be tested through a number of short paper fed exercises. These will culminate in a bespoke exercise covering their particular leadership roles and their understanding of their own Digital environment. Participants will leave the course having explored a range of issues against their own organisation’s ethos and mission s and will have been exposed to a variety of skills and techniques to help them understand cybercrime cybersecurity and social media.

At the conclusion of the course participants will leave with a peer assessed Personal Action Plan to make them a much more effective leader in the Digital World

Wireless & Radio Engineering

This course starts with looking at the radio frequency spectrum and moves through to radio transmission principles and ends looking at the most common wireless technologies. On this journey the delegates will explore modulation and coding techniques.

Design and Implementation of 4th Generation Networks

This comprehensive and authoritative five day course builds on the concepts and principles of commercial wireless applications to an advanced level. 4th Generation technologies such as WiMAX and Long Term Evolutions are explored in detail to enable engineers to carry out design and implementation of wireless networks.

Advanced Wireless Technologies

This comprehensive and authoritative five day briefing is designed for technicians who have a background in telecommunications but have no previous experience of commercial wireless applications. The course provides an essential introduction to 802.11 (Wi-Fi) and 802.16e/m (Roaming WiMAX) Wireless networks.

Project Management

A good project manager draws on a wealth of previous experience to navigate and overcome the issues faced in the delivery of the objectives. This course aims to give concentrated mentoring to new or inexperienced project managers to help equip them with some of the experience needed, whilst still early in their career. This module will bridge the gap between the project understanding of the candidate and the expectations of the project sponsor. The content is based upon the requirements and understanding necessary for the delivery of technical, service and business change projects and programmes.

The course is aimed at professionals who are looking to develop the skills and knowledge to deliver large, complex, critical, multiple or crisis projects within specification and to manage real and virtual project teams. It also delivers experience based advice on the application of the most commonly used project methodology (Prince2) in a commercial environment and where this diverges from 'the book'.

Operating in Cyber-Social Spaces

This five-day course looks at the political, economic, social and technological factors to be considered in operating amongst people in a hyper-connected world with social technologies. It explores the impact of social technologies on people’s work and personal lives, identifying trends and implications.