It is widely accepted that all investigations from the complex, high profile cased to the smaller volume crime will now have some form of digital footprint. Often, intelligent use of digital investigation techniques can be the difference between a positive or negative result in locating & apprehending a suspect or into the criminal justice process in a court of law.

Course rationale

Our Advanced Digital Investigation & Coordination Training not only provides our candidates with the required knowledge in the individual disciplines of Digital Investigation in Communications Data, Digital Forensics and Open Source Intelligence but goes beyond this to combine these tactics with other disciplines and data sources when devising or advising on an investigation’s digital strategy.

The course will educate how to apply an advanced investigative and strategic mindset in considering and balancing the opportunities and benefits against the restrictions and risks associated with each discipline of digital investigation and how they can operate and compliment when intelligently cross referenced as part of an investigation strategy

The course will crucially outline the benefits, and put into operational practice, how having a single individual with an overview of each element of digital investigation enables a more objective led, cost efficient and successful investigation.

Course details

5 days
Any venue suitable for the client

Entry requirements

This course is available at three levels of complexity:

  • An introduction to Digital Investigation
  • An intermediate level, 
  • and an Advanced level which is for Law Enforcement only

We are advocates of delivering a quality of training that enables students to be able to leave the course and apply their new found skills and knowledge in practical, high pressure operational environments rather than just understand the theory. We therefore emphasis the need to work with the individuals/organisation prior to the course delivery to ensure that the content of the course is tailored to their exact requirements.

Please note this course will be taught in English.

Key Benefits

Fully tailored to meet the needs the organisation and relevant to the candidates role/function

After attending this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand and apply their knowledge in the three core elements of Digital Investigation (see individual course descriptors)
  • Devise and communicate clear and pragmatic investigation strategies
  • Understand the techniques of the core functions, units and personnel that a Digital Investigator serves and draws information from
  • Develop knowledge of different types of emerging and converging technologies and their associated data sets
  • Have a strong understanding of investigative and prosecution processes and how to prepare cases / evidence
  • Understand disclosure procedures and case preparation with a focus on digital evidence
  • Demonstrate how cross referencing multiple data sets can be used as evidence to show corroboration, correlation, common purpose, chronology, similar fact evidence, presence etc
  • Demonstrate an understanding of attribution of devices and data and how critical they are in evidence
  • Have an understanding of emerging and converging technology, trends and how future developments may impact upon investigative techniques in relation to data acquisition, analysis, presentation