Digital Devices and their associated applications and operating systems contain huge quantities of data which can play a critical role within an investigation. Correctly extracting and presenting this data requires both specialist skills and equipment and furthermore can only be relied upon in a court if the material has been acquired and analysed in a evidentially robust manner by a trained individual.

Course rationale

This course is designed for individuals who have a requirement or desire to be able to forensically retrieve data from mobile phones, computers and other digital storage devices. The course will promote applying an investigative mindset to interrogating multiple complex data sets, understanding their content, its implications on an investigation and then how to present your findings in an evidentially acceptable, intelligent manner.

This course is also intended to provide new or existing digital device examiners with exposure to the multiple forensic tools available and insights into current and upcoming legislative procedures and best practice.

The course is highly interactive with candidates carrying out examinations of devices and interrogating the acquired data to reveal key information to test the skills that they have learnt throughout the course.

The course is tailored to the exact requirements of the organisation to ensure that the content is both relevant, and crucially, engaging to the end users.

Course details

5 days
Any venue suitable for the client

Key Benefits

Fully tailored to meet the needs the organisation and relevant to the candidates role/function. After attending this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the appropriate legislative considerations when practicing Digital Forensics
  • Understand the appropriate best practice and guidance issued for Digital Forensics
  • Understand how to practice Digital Forensics to an evidentially robust standard
  • Provide guidance on best practice in the seizure, handling & interrogation of digital devices
  • Apply and investigative mindset in examining and obtaining data from a variety of devices
  • Use appropriate tools and procedures to retrieve data from devices in a forensically robust manner
  • Identify and explain important Digital Forensic considerations including security and encryption and the additional considerations and implications of each
  • This course will also include, if required by the organisation, awareness on the market leading Digital Forensic Triage & Extraction tools and if appropriate, training in their deployment and use