This training is aimed at first responder security staff. The intention is to familiarise them with fundamentals of a public order response, and provide staff with the knowledge and skills to manage basic public order threats. The course content will develop staff understanding of, and responses to, identified threats of both a human and physical nature.

Key Benefits

The aim is to develop delegate learning, and work to widen delegate knowledge of both patrol tactics, and managing the public within a public  (including airport) environment. The patrols and public crowd management aim to provide integrated support to other security measures already in place, such as electronic screening and CCTV.

This brief course rationale has been written to cover all the basic elements of managing people in public places. In order to maximise delegate learning, a discussion should take place with the airport security management, with the intention of clearly establishing the individual operational training requirement. From that requirement a bespoke course to maximise the delegate learning can be developed.

Course details

Maximum 5 days (course length determined by audience needs)
Any venue suitable for the client

Key Benefits

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Administer an appropriate search technique in accordance with threats and risks as they occur
  • Describe the factors that can increase public risk
  • Recognise basic negotiating skills
  • Use basic public order skills to manage the public
  • Examine the effectiveness of patrolling methods
  • Identify the implications involved in detaining members of the public in passive and higher threat scenarios.