This course is aimed at members of senior management teams within law enforcement, the security sector, regulatory agencies and corporate bodies with an investigatory remit. It will deliver high level training on the right skills and abilities to effectively lead the strategic direction of major crime investigations such as murder, rape, kidnap, terrorism, fraud, proceeds of crime or counterfeiting. In often high profile, sensitive and complex cases such as these it is vital that both human and financial resources are managed efficiently. This course will identify how this can be achieved through maximising specialist support opportunities like forensics, coordinating large teams of skilled staff and communicating effectively to those within the organisation as well as the public at large.

Course content

  • Effective leadership in the investigation of major crime including strategic decision making and recording of policy
  • Key investigative approaches, considerations and lines of enquiry
  • Sources of information, analytical processes and fully coordinated intelligence development system for effective tactical planning
  • Theoretical and best practice guidance on the interviewing of victims, witnesses and suspects
  • Strategic and tactical approaches to all aspects of search particularly utilising a coordinated and effectively managed system
  • Best practice in crime scene management, forensic examinations and exhibit handling
  • Operational planning, arrest and detention principles highlighting the importance of clear command structures (gold, silver and bronze)
  • Effectively dealing with the media during a major crime incident including planning a media strategy, using the media to provide community reassurance, appeal for witnesses and protecting organisational reputation
5 days
Any venue suitable for the client

Entry requirements

This course is aimed at strategic leaders with law enforcement or the security sector, regulatory agencies and corporate bodies with an investigatory remit who will be managing major crime investigations.

Key Benefits

  • Neville Blackwood and his team are skilled trainers with years of specialist experience at the cutting edge of modern policing
  • They will be able to ensure students gain an excellent knowledge of how to effectively manage major crime investigations
  • Students will be able to use their learning at a strategic level within their organisations to manage their teams efficiently and maximise the benefits of working with specialist forensic experts, multi-agency partners and diverse communities
  • They will learn the importance of working sensitively with victims and the victim’s family so they are supported throughout an investigation
  • They will gain knowledge on how to manage their resources to prepare cases to the highest standards to meet the evidential tests of any court in the world