Occasionally, an unexpected event does occur which can affect a school or universities reputation, its pupils, staff and parents: A coach crash or a skiing accident; a natural disaster or act of terrorism; an allegation of impropriety or a financial scandal. Even a minor emergency can have a massive impact on the reputation of an institution and potentially threaten its future existence.

Course rationale

Maintaining day-to-day operations whilst dealing with the after-effects of an incident can be challenging. Dealing compassionately with concerned parents, students and staff, or an emergency relocation can be just a few of the problems faced – possibly while handling media briefings.

All this can prove to be immensely damaging to reputation if handled by untrained staff in the absence of a structured, tested response.

Developing the capability in your people to access skills when under pressure is not always straightforward. We have created a joint approach that works in a unique, secure and discreet way to enable a truly immersive preparatory experience.

In addition to a full audit review of existing plans, and the preparation of new critical incident plans, we offer a unique, immersive, training programme using scenario exercises to ensure that both pupils and staff have an unforgettable learning experience.

The simulations yield risk-critical tools vital for an effective response to emergency situations. Understanding vulnerabilities and capabilities in the plan is a vital part of surviving.

We ensure the Institution maintains its duty of care to pupils and staff, protecting its brand and reputation by being better trained and prepared. Our exercises provide a valuable tool for identifying any shortcomings in the plan and providing a way of quickly resourcing, rehearsing and training for a more effective response.

Course details

3 days
Any venue suitable for the client