This is an intensive two-day course.

Course content

  • Exploring the critical challenges within the organisation as identified by the participant
  • How does the coaching leader help others deliver against the vision and values of the organisation?
  • How does coaching support talent management?
  • What is the best way to deliver empowerment through a coaching style approach?
2 days
Any venue suitable for the client

Entry requirements

No specific requirements for these short courses but, please note the programmes will be taught in English.

Key Benefits

The intention is to help participants embed a coaching model in order to deliver a more people-focused culture. Participants on the Coaching Leader Programme will:

  • Develop essential coaching skills
  • Be able to apply essential coaching skills when working with their teams
  • Be able to facilitate the establishment of a coaching culture in the organisation
  • Be provided with tools and methodologies to deliver performance coaching and personal development to the people they lead or manage