The multi-leader delivery model. This 2 day programme explores how negotiating and influencing positive outcomes in the context of ‘multi-leader’ operative settings can be complex and frustrating! This course identifies and then discusses the positive enablers for leading the operational environment where numerous leaders share the responsibility for delivering community outcomes. This is a challenging learning event where participants will be asked to fully explore their leadership style, its impact on those whom they lead and how these skills and abilities can be utilised in order to create high energy collaborative working environments.

Course rationale

Strategic leaders are powerful people and how they personally view that power can have enormous influence on their leadership and capacity. They have a complex understanding of their environment and significant grip of the professional requirement that is needed in order to create valued outcomes. This specialist knowledge is embedded within a professional understanding of the drivers for change. So how do they think, feel and act when they have to share this leadership context with other equally qualified leaders?

This programme is designed to explore leadership strengths by helping participants work within a collaborative model that involves sensitive and constructive power sharing. The course does not ignore the necessary tensions that can exist; rather it chooses to address these areas by creating a multi-leader model for delivery.

Course content

  • The concept of the multi-leader environment
  • How do powerful leaders negotiate and influence when their personal power is subsumed within a collaborative power-sharing model?
  • How can strategic leader’s best look through the lens of their partner agencies?
  • Can our culture be an enabler for delivering performance improvement?
  • How do we best address the ‘dark-side’ of culture?
  • Can we collaborate without competing?
  • What role does coaching and mentoring have in a collaborative multi-leader context?
2 days
Any venue suitable for the client

Entry requirements

No specific requirements for these short courses but, please note the programmes will be taught in English.

Key Benefits

At the end of the module participants will have a greater understanding of a multi-leader approach to delivering performance.

Individual leaders in multi-leadership environments are encouraged to join this course. This is a course can also be delivered to specific organisations who want to explore how best to begin or further develop collaborative working.